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Welcome. I’m an independent (a.k.a. freelance) advertising-marketing copywriter/art director of some 3 decades standing. Worked at all levels: national, regional, local. For all kinds of agencies — large medium and small. Even worked inhouse as creative director at Visa for a few years. (Like being surrounded by a bank all day.) Been a CD and ACD several times, besides wearing all the hats as my own boss/agency owner.

This site holds and reflects my views on advertising, marketing and design and how these three elements merge to achieve a distinctive brand identity — along with samples of how I've put those views into practice over the years.

Advertising/Marketing/Design/Branding are not that difficult or complex. In fact, the simpler they are, generally, the better they work, as you’ll see by my samples.

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Oh, about that subhead above: “Ad Man, Mad Man.”

I wrote it about 25 years ago as a title for a novel, autobiographical, about advertising. The current AMC TV series by the title “Mad Men” is a bit misleading. As far as I can tell, the real Madison Avenue never used that term, despite Matthew Weiner’s statement in the opening episode.

I’ve been in advertising in the San Francisco Bay Area since the 1970s, working then with people whose careers stretched back to the ’40s, ’50s and '60s in New York. They never used the term. Never heard of it. I certainly hadn't heard it before I wrote it for my novel (unfinished still, as it happens, because my career is ongoing). I saw it as a way to capture the fun, the craziness, the angst of advertising, after enough years in the ad biz.

But that’s one of the techniques of advertising. Create something new and make people believe it’s been around a long time.

It’s a shame one can’t copyright titles.

Tom Cammarata

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