North Bay Porsche

The new owners of North Bay Porsche had a real problem. The previous owner had driven the franchise into the ground, so to speak. Its reputation was lousy. So they quickly had to reach Porsche owners and prospects in Marin County to let them know that not only had the name of dealership changed, but also its attitude. I designed an introductory ad campaign that positioned North Bay Porsche as something new, something special, something worth seeing.

North Bay Porsche intro ad
The first two ads presented North Bay’s new general manager and his philosophy on Porsches. He knew that Americans have a love-hate relationship with cars—they love the cars and hate the dealers. These ads demonstrated that North Bay and Bill would change that.
North Bay Porsche intro ad 2
The campaign was designed to run six months. It was halted after three when North Bay Porsche ran out of cars! They went from brand new to the second best-selling franchise in California in less than a year.

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