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As a small town with a tiny marketing budget, Calistoga needed a better way to stand out from all its competitors — which was just about every Northern California community looking for the tourist dollar. But it had two big facts going for it—a long history as a spa town, and a choice location at the top of the Napa Valley. My job was to take these advantages and fashion them into a solid marketing plan and then into compelling advertising.

Calistoga, a cut above Cut of for Calistoga
Calistoga, on the cutting edge
Calistoga brochure Because its marketing budget is small, there’s no money to waste on unproductive media. And with its small budget, Calistoga couldn’t afford the large, glossy, 4-color ads many of its competitors could.

So I designed a two step marketing plan that reached the desired audience (women 21-55) with inexpensive, small space ads like these above that ran in Sunset Magazine and major Northern California newspapers Food Sections (both read primarily by women), focusing on the mid-week, off-season time when Calistoga needed visitors the most.

These ads offered Calistoga’s free, 48-page brochure that could tell the reader more about the town than even a large ad could.

In time, the ads also promoted Calistoga’s website, which we designed as an online version of the brochure, thus ensuring continuity of information the viewer received.

The result?

Before I started, Calistoga was sending out 20,000 brochures a year. After five years, they were sending out 55,000! And the off-season has shrunk from October to May down to only December through February — a tribute to what smart marketing can do with limited means.

Radio proved a valuable resource for Calistoga, by being able to create an image in sound that was compelling and attractive. Click the Play button to play a 60-second radio spot. Depending on your connection, the file may take about a minute to download, so please be patient. It’s worth the wait.

“So Much, So Near”

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