Sonnen Volkswagen

The return of the Beetle was a big event. Rarely had an old car model ever returned successfully. But then, few cars ever had the loyalty and love engendered by the most famous Volkwagen of all. Sonnen Motors wished to promote the reintroduction to its clientele as a means of building traffic for not only VW, but also its other German lines Audi and Porsche.

New Beetle Ad & Mailer This ad and mailer appealed to the fond memories many drivers had for the VW Bug and invited them to reacquaint themselves with this classic.

To many people their Beetles were more than just cars—they were like a loved one, almost family. They were fondly remembered, despite any short comings the original may have possessed.

So, it wasn’t much of stretch to position the New Beetle as an “old friend” come back at last.

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