Ross Stores

In retailing, image is often as important as items, even for price-conscious “dress for less” stores like Ross. They wanted to convey the impression of high-end clothes always available at their stores, always at discount prices. But low price too often suggests low quality. The way around this paradox was to feature the clothes as the unexpected answer to the reader’s problem: how to look better on a budget.

Ross Stores Ad 1
Each ad was given its own personality—using “Ross” as a sort of real person and love interest—depicting appealing people in appealing clothes responding to Ross’ worth to them.

Ross Stores thus become the accessible yet affordable solution.

Ross Stores Ad 2 Ross Stores Ad 3
Ross Stores Ad 4
The Ross name and label
are always prominently
featured in these ads,
leaving no doubt in the
reader’s mind who’s
the answer for her
fashion follies

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