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Welcome to marketing made to order, advertising à la carte.

Coyote Hill Creative has provided marketing advice, advertising and design services in the San Francisco and North Bay regions since 1986. It’s the product of my 40 years of experience in the ad biz, working for agencies large, medium and small — national, regional and local — working on big clients and little clients, and everything in between.

And now, with modern technology, I service clients directly wherever they are. Here. There. Anywhere.

I work on a project basis with small and mid-size companies.When they need a marketing piece, they just call me and start the project. Some of my clients have been doing that for over over 20 years now. You can too.

If all you need is an ad, that’s all you pay for. If you need a marketing plan and strategy, ditto. New letterhead and logo? The same. And that’s all you’ll pay for.

Check each section listed to the right. See how I work. Take a look at what I’ve done. Then give me a call. It won’t cost you anything. But you just might discover a valuable resource.

Get what you need. Pay for what you want.

When you have a marketing project, just contact me with the details. I’ll get back to you with a basic idea and an estimate based on our rates and your specifications. (For example, new photography usually costs more than stock photos. Library art costs less than commissioned art.)

With your written approval of the estimate, I proceed to develop your project. On completion and approval, I send an invoice to be paid before the project is shipped. No payment, no project. I get paid, you get the piece. (Once I’ve worked together for a while and we are comfortable with each other, we can bill post-project.)

If the project is a rush, I invoice 50% upfront, with the remainder due after the project ships.

So some obvious questions: How good am I? Am I worth a try?

Explore each of the sections listed to the right. Examine my samples. Check my rates. Then give me a call .

I'm confident you’ll see what a benefit and bargain I can be.

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