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Understanding Design

The secret of success is constancy of purpose.

Disraeli was responsible for the greatest brand of his time—Queen Victoria. He was successful enough with her image to name an age. And use it to create an empire upon which the sun never set.

He understood what many companies have trouble understanding when it comes to image and branding: constancy of purpose.

Branding begins at home.

The image of your company is the starting place for your brand, whether you build products or provide services. It’s often the first line of awareness the public gets of you. It’s your company logo, letterhead, envelope — even the sign by the front door.

All these elements of design blend with your advertising, your personnel, your every action and reaction with the buying public that forms the brand image they have of you.

If it ain’t consistent, it ain’t workin’.

Search your own memory and the best brands you recall will be those that have a common and consistent look about them. Think IBM or Hallmark.

Everything about IBM, big or small, has a similar look. Through the years IBM has made and remade itself. Yet think Big Blue and you come away with the thought of the “world's biggest computer company.”

And for over a half-century people have known that when they wanted “to give the very best” they knew it was Hallmark. Millions of viewers have watched their Hallmark Presentations. And hundreds of millions have bought their cards.

That’s branding — created by consistency forged through every piece of imagery and communications both these iconic brands create.

Once you find it, never let it go.

Design is transparent to the public. No consumer or business consciously buys anything based on design alone.Yet brand awareness is a critical subliminal factor in the buying decision.

Branding has three parts: awareness, experience, preference. Your advertising and design creates the first. Your products or services supply the second. And the consumer provides the third — what the first two aim at.

So, assuming yours is a worthy business with worthy products and worthy services, that leaves your advertising and image as your major brand builders.

And that’s where I can help. Little business or not so little, I can create the necessary imagery and communications that builds your brand.

Again, take a look at my samples and their stories. Imagine your ads among them.

Then give me a call.

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Benjamin Disraeli - brand expert
North Bay Porsche Ad

In designing the introduction of North Bay Porsche, we adapted the powerful brand imagery and awareness Porsche cars had with the public, even down to the logo.

North Bay Porsche Ad