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What Churchill said of Russia over half a century ago rings true of marketing today. Many companies have trouble understanding the role advertising should play in their marketing plans.

Is it just expensive window dressing? Or can advertising really be used to benefit a company competitively? If these are questions you’ve ever wondered about, maybe I can help you find an answer.

Advertising is like a lawyer.

It presents the facts of the case. And just as a good lawyer can submit evidence in a most compelling way, knowing which facts to emphasize and in which order — with an occasional splash of showmanship — it’s the same with good advertising.

However, there is an equally old saying that good advertising, like a good lawyer, can only sell a bad product once.

So, as you consider your advertising, consider there are things it can’t do. Or make up for things that aren’t there.

The more you shout the less people listen.

It’s said that the average American is bombarded by over 5000 to 10,000 advertising impressions a day. On TV and radio, in newspapers and magazines, up on billboards and posters, supermarket shopping carts, product packaging, john stall doors — and now via the internet with junk mail, spam and endless pop-ups.

It’s everywhere and we can’t get away from it. The ad industry has a simple, almost dainty term for all this — clutter.

But clutter is what your advertising must cut through to be seen, heard and listened to. And that’s what I can do for you.

If you want to be heard, whisper.

Take a look at my samples. Each one was successful in achieving our client’s goal. And if you notice, they do it by being the opposite of the brash, edgy, blatant ads that dominate today’s economy.

Because of the clutter, because of the intrusion on their lives, consumers today have a well-honed resentment and wariness of advertising. But not all advertising. Think of Apple. Think of milk. Bet their ads came to mind as soon as you said the names. That’s what good ads do.

Again, take a look at my samples and their stories. Imagine your ads among them.

Then just give a call.

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Winston Churchill - adman extraordinaire
Surety Bank Mailer

We phrased this mailer
for Surety Bank in such a way that it was sure to be noticed. It cut through
the clutter, with a 10% response rate.